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Shipping-Related Product Properties

Shipping-Related Product Properties

When you edit products, you can switch to the Shipping Properties tab. It contains parameters that are used for more precise shipping rate calculation for a product.

List of Properties
Weight—the weight of one product item. It is used for calculating the shipping cost. Products with zero weight are treated as if they had the minimal non-zero weight.

Free shipping—this product won’t be taken into account during shipping rate calculation, but only if the shipping method has the Use for free shipping checkbox ticked.

Shipping freight—the cost of shipping one item of this product in the primary currency of your store. This cost will be added to the calculated shipping rate.

Items in a box—the minimum and maximum number of items that can be shipped in one box. Enter a non-zero value and specify the dimensions of the box below.

Box length, Box width, Box height—the size of one box that can hold the number of items specified above.

Click on Save.

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