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Read this first

Read this first

*If you make one-of-a-kind items, indicate that in your title and description of the item.

*Artisans that create graphic art and their products are Digital Downloads will be accepted in We Texans.

*Shipping perishable items will be up to Artisan to ship to the client so that they won’t spoil before it gets to the buyer.

To log into the vendor’s account and create your store:

You can find video tutorials on our YouTube channel. We will be making videos as needed.


Please watch this video so you can start uploading your products.

Please keep these essential points in mind:

1. Upload your products for the time being. DON’T WORRY about customizing them yet! We will upload videos on how to add “Options and Variants” to products later.

2.   Vendors are responsible for charging taxes if need be. We Texans are not collecting them for you. The best practice is to include it in the price.

4.   Subscribe to the YouTube channel to see the latest tutorials.

5.   Open a account

This is how we will be doing payouts. First, you must create an account with Stripe.

8. Join Facebook Page. You will be able to post New Items you uploaded to We Texans with a link to your We Texans Shop. If you see other Artisan’s post products be kind and share with your friends. This is one way we can establish our presence.

FB Page:

7. Join FB Group exclusively for Texas Artisans

Where can I sign up for a vendor’s account? If you are receiving this email, you have already been approved to sell on If not approved yet, please fill this out first before creating an account on the website.


Please view a quick tutorial on how to upload products here

Any Questions or doubt “on how to” anything related to the website

Please submit tec support here:

Please submit general website questions here:

 Please submit all other questions to

Advertising will be of the utmost importance. Therefore, please send me your logo via email. The file must be either AI, JPG, PNG. We will be advertising globally to get your products to know worldwide.

Also, for the first year, Y’all will choose to showcase your products by making a short 30 sec video introducing yourself, your business, your product, and why you sell on We Texans. Video doesn’t need to be done by a professional. Just use your cell phone. Also, you will have a choice to appear on your 30-sec advertisement, or we could use your voice pitching your products and why you choose We Texans. Once done, I will ask you to send it to plus 1-10 pictures of your best products and logo. They will be edited & made into a short commercial to be advertised on all social media platforms, search engines & Arts & Craft Conferences, Farmer’s Markets & Large event gatherings. It will give an extra Personal touch to We Texans. (For those not willing to do video, please send the logo and pictures of your products anyway) After the 1st year, Video advertising will have a monthly fee, which will be determined later. Down Below is the link to apply to be an artisan at We Texans


Your We Texans Team

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