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Quantity discounts on Products

Quantity discounts on Products

This tab contains the list of wholesale prices for the product. Customers will see those discounts on the product page on the storefront. Prices apply depending on the number of items of this product in cart.A quantity discount on the product page in CS-Cart.

  • Quantity—the minimum number of product items to qualify for the product wholesale price.
  • Value—the value of the discount (per item).
  • Type—the type of the discount:
    • Absolute—the cost of 1 discounted item.
    • Percent—the percent discount off the base product item price.
  • User group—the user group which can take advantage of the wholesale price.If you set up a discount that applies for all user groups for purchasing 1 item, this will overwrite product price.

Configuring quantity discounts in CS-Cart.

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