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1.- On Boarding to WeTexans

On Boarding to WeTexans

Here you can find an easy to read guide to the success on sales including a shortcuts to most relevant information.

Once your account were activated you may want to log in to, you could do it in here, remember to use the credentials that was sent you by email.

Step 1: Personalize your store

Once your were able to log in to your account you may want to upload your logo and personalize your store you could know more about this on here.

Step 2: Upload your first product

The next step is to upload your first produt you could see how to do this on here, and dont worry about customizing them you can see how to do it in here, remember Vendors are responsible for charging taxes if need be. We Texans are not collecting them for you. The best practice is to include it in the price, see more in here.

Step 3: Add a shipping method

Great , now you need to include a shipping method see how to do it in here.

Step 4: Connect to Stripe

You almost got it, the las step to start selling is to get paid and for that you will need to setup a Stipe account, if you doesnt know what is this about you can see more about Stripe in here, once you know what is stripe, create an account a detailed steps are in here, now connect it to your store see how in here.

Good job, now you are ready to sell on WeTexans

If you have more questions or an issue with the page, panel, or functionality please send an email to be aware the response could take 24 hours.

To know more about product options and personalization you can start in here.

If you want to know more about shipping methods please go here.

If you want more tips to star selling visit this link.

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