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How To: Make Shipping Cost Depend on the Product Amount

Let’s say you want delivery in your store to become cheaper when a customer purchases more one product at a time. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Open the Administration → Shipping & Taxes → Shipping methods page.

2. Add a new shipping method with manual rate calculation, or choose one of the existing methods to configure it.

3. Go to the Shipping time and rates tab.

4. Decide where your shipping method will be offered. To do this, choose rate areas from the dropdown list. If there is a rate area in the store which you did not include in the shipping method, orders will not be delivered in this area.

5. Configure each rate area, and specify the Items condition. In this case there are two ways to configure this section:

6. Click the Save button.

You can watch the full video in the following section.

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