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Files to Sell

Files to Sell

This tab contains a list of files that are associated with this downloadable product.

For digital instructions and/or files that come with a physical product and don’t have to be bought, we recommend using the Attachments tab instead.

Each file has the following properties:

  • Name—the name of the file as your customers will see it on the product page. Note that it does not change the original file name.
  • Position—the position of the file relatively to the positions of the other files in the list.
  • File—the actual file that will become available for download after purchase.
  • Preview—a preview file that can be freely downloaded from the product details page on the storefront.
  • Activation mode—determines how the download link will be activated:
    • Immediately—immediately after the order has been placed.
    • After full payment—once the order status has changed to Processed or Complete.
    • Manually—manually by the store administrator.
  • Max downloads—the maximum number of allowed product downloads per customer.
  • License agreement—the text of the license agreement.
  • Agreement required—determines whether the customers must accept license agreement at checkout.
  • Readme—additional instructions (for example, installation instructions, etc.)
  • Folder—the folder to which the file belongs (if you created any).
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