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Create Digital Art & Downloadable Products

Create Digital Art & Downloadable Products

To create a downloadable product:

  1. In the administration panel, go to Products → Products.
  2. Click on a product name in the list or add a new product by clicking the + button.
  3. Tick the Downloadable check box in the Extra section.
  1. Click the Save or Create button.
  2. Switch to the Files to sell tab.
  3. While on this tab, click the Add file button. This will open a special form where you’ll be able to upload the necessary files.
  1. Tick the Enable shipping for downloadable products checkbox if the product has a tangible component and it is required to display a shipping method.
  2. Tick the Time-unlimited download checkbox if you would like to make the product download always available after purchase.

9. Select one of the following variants in the Activation mode drop-down list:

  • Manually—allow a customer to download the file after the administrator has allowed it.
  • Immediately—allow a customer to download the file immediately after the order is placed.
  • After full payment—allow a customer to download the file after the order status changes to Processed or Completed
  1. The placed order will have a link to the download page containing the name of the file to be downloaded. When the download is permitted/activated, the string with the filename will be converted into a download link, and the customer will receive this link by email.
  2. Click the Create or Save button.
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